Racial Inequalities In The Military

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In our society, the notion of education is designed to act as pathways to opportunities that will help us discover a successful career. Considering the military, in order to be commissioned as an officer in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard, one must excel in high school in order to be admitted into one of the respective academies or ROTC units around the nation. It seems as if members of all races who are actively interested in serving in the armed forces as an officer and are well qualified should have an equal opportunity to do so, however that is not the case in our democratic system of education in the United States. As Dr. Pitchford accentuates, “The institution of education often times serves to perpetuate existing inequalities in society, rather than acting as an equalizer” (Pitchford, 2014). Despite this conception that education is ‘supposed’ to help equalize our society, racial inequalities in education have still been a persistent problem in the foreground of our society. In fact, rather than overcoming inequality, the structure of our educational system seems to …show more content…
Considering this myth, it is one’s own fault for personal success or failure. However this myth doesn’t take into consideration a significant social factor; that individual failure may largely be due to large-scale social forces. These large-scale social components are comprised of communities facing poverty, female-headed households, level of community education, residential instability, and the relative size of the racial group (Leventhal-Weiner, 2011). By concentrating on these race-specific inequalities, we can obtain a more fundamental understanding of the relationship between racial differences and the level of education that ultimately translates into a nomination to an Academy or ROTC

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