Designated Spaces

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Throughout history, our behavior during our lives has left lasting impacts on the world. Whether indirectly or directly, the world has been affected by the conduct we show when people are watching. The term “long residual” is used to explain the consistencies we notice and study in history, especially sport history. The reason we perform the actions today, can be explained by examining what people did in the past. It is important to understand our past actions as they are often repeated. With extensive study we can learn why these actions are repeated and if they are a good thing for society. Sport is a main benefactor in the analysis of long residuals. Traditions, and rituals play a huge role in sport, whether it be to improve an athlete 's …show more content…
Cultures have designated spaces that are limited to people of a certain type or standard. Certain geographical spaces only host certain types of events and ideas, however, space has become smaller in physical culture due to the interdependence and interconnectivity (Friedman 2016). Physical space, is a different entity. The areas where athletes perform are very specialized to provide ideal conditions for their respective sport. At first women were not even allowed in these specialized physical spaces. The rules and dimensions of their sports were either changed or modified completely. For example, in the sport of basketball, women’s basketball in the 1940s changed the rules by having five players on each side to six players per side. (Sperber & Cahn 2016). This was done to stamp out what others deemed “masculine” in the sport. In general, people may have believed it is not in a woman 's interest to compete. The Olympics are a held in a space that has been globalized to allow as many countries to feel comfortable as they compete for superiority in their events. Globalization of physical spaces allow people to recognize a sport or event in any geographical location. This leads to the long residual of sports stadiums and fields that have stood the test of time. When an athlete steps inside these globalized spaces, they are required to behave within the rules set by their authorities and the supervisors who run that space. Otherwise, conflicts may occur that disrupt the space and its potential to bring others together. Overall, physical space was male dominated and now women are allowed to compete, a woman, such as Gabby, defying rules in the space they demanded has consequences that could hurt their image and the image of the space, whether global, national, or local, of their

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