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I feel the lights hit my face as I nervously make my way to the Steinway at the center of the stage. Sitting down, I adjust the bench and start to warm up. The judge sits adjacent to me, staring over her paper. She says, “whenever you’re ready,” and I start with the first few notes of the Chopin prelude I’ve been working on for an entire year now. Feeling the music progress exactly as I’ve practiced it for months now, I finish and bow. I hear the applause in the background, but all I am thinking about is how happy I feel.
Piano has been my favorite instrument as I’ve grown up, but it certainly isn’t my the only instrument I have come to love playing.
Music has been a part of my life ever since before I was born. My mom and dad did a great job of keeping me integrated in the musical community by getting me involved at a very young age. Before I was born, my mom would sing to me, and after I was born we went to “mommy and me” music classes. I was enrolled in piano when I was five, started singing at six, picked up the clarinet when I was eleven, started ukulele and guitar at fifteen, and haven’t stopped
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I play music in the university hospital as well as the children’s hospital. It was early in my volunteer experience and I was in the oncology wing playing my ukulele. A nurse came up to me and told me one of their patients plays the ukulele and wanted to play with me. He came out and he had a ukulele of his own. He taught me some older songs and I sang some songs that I knew. After we played for a while, he thanked me for letting him escape his treatment for a bit. This is when I really began to understand what I could do for people. Before this, I was just playing for fun. I kind of knew what I was doing, but this experience made me realize what help I could provide to patients in the hospital; I could give them an escape. This realization makes this memory my favorite volunteer

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