The Importance Of The Death Penalty On College Students

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The death penalty is a killing of another person due to a heinous act or crime, like murder. This means that the killing of this person is absolutely necessary, and if we do not they could be a big danger to society. This is a very interesting topic and just wanted to take a further look into it. The death penalty opinions vary with college students as they explore the history of the past and present. The death penalty conversation has been around for more than four decades. In this article, “Understanding Death Penalty Support and Opposition Among Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Students”, Jason Sole, Brian E. Oliver, and Raj Setharaju spoke about some of the studies of the death penalty throughout history. Previous opinion polls have showed that most Americans have supported capital punishment for decades. In 2013, a Gallup poll showed record opposition to the death penalty since 1972. For the past forty years research has shown that white Republican males are in favor of the death penalty as opposed to non-white democratic females with higher education (Raj Setharaju, Jason Sole, Brian E. Oliver 1). Furthermore, a number of these studies has used the college student population. A particular study of college students in a …show more content…
The death penalty is a system designed to keep the worst types of criminals behind bars until their death awaits. Also, it is a killing of a person because of a horrific crime he or she committed. The U.S. is critical of other countries using the death penalty but the U.S. uses it anyway. Also, the United States said that the death penalty is constitutional and deemed to be considered not inhuman. A poll showed record opposition to the death penalty in 1972. At one point the death penalty was deemed to be unconstitutional until it got established once again. The conversation will still continue with this subject being one of

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