Death Penalty Outline Essay

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A. The death penalty is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime i.e. treason, terrorism, federal murder.
1. The United States is the only western country still enforcing the death penalty.
2. The United States was also the first to develop lethal injection as a method of execution, that other countries such as, China, Guatemala, and Thailand have adopted.
B. Some people would say that the death penalty should stay enforced, due to the heinous crimes committed by the convicted.
1. There is far more logical reason as to why this capital punishment should be abolished.
2. Three main reasons being: it is too expensive, it is immoral, and it does not deter crime.
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There is no evidence to show that if the death penalty does anything to deter crime or not.
1. Murder rates in non death penalty states here in the United States has remained lower.
2. An oppose may say that is good enough to still keep the capital punishment intact, but this still does not do anything about the high murder rates in cities that do enforce the death penalty.
B. The death penalty has many effects on our society.
1. Families of murder victims and the convicted criminal have to go through life without seeing their loved one.
2. Children can grow up thinking it is ok for a person to die, due to their crimes.
A. Being unnecessarily expensive, immoral and doing nothing to stop heinous crimes are just a few reasons on why the death penalty should be abolished.
1. Another good reason is how race plays a big role in determining who lives and who dies.
a. A person who is found guilty of killing a white man will have a higher chance of being sentenced to death, than they would if they killed a black person.
b. Innocent people have been convicted and executed.
c. Not every lawyer is good, even when getting paid a hefty fee.
B. Our society as we know it would be much better off without the death penalty.
1. Money could help those in

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