Texting As A Mode Of Communication

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In my observational years in the surrounding of a Midwestern college life, the Iowa State University, I have witnessed several unprecedented and extraordinary form of communication but there is one that strikes me as the most astounding that is the form of texting. Texting is a norm in the life of a college community where they would strike a string of conversational whims and chats with ease. This custom usually involves the youth of the campus community, which are the students. By my observation, I have found that the main reason to why texting is the preferred mode of communicating among the youth is because it is very easy. There are several attributes that contribute to the easiness of this mode of communication which are the tool needed, the steps taken, the times consumed and the quantity allowed.
The tool needed to text usually takes place in the mode of an electronic gadget, known as phones. After years of development, the mode of texting has exponentially improved. This is because, over the years, phones have become a stupendous phenomenon where you would find no less than the majority of young adult and above worldwide have a personal phone to their name. This is not the case 15 years ago. Phones back then were a luxury for the above average class of people. Now, after the outburst of technological advances, a phone or a smartphone
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I have personally involved myself in this texting culture and have found myself very dependent of it. My daily life and work have greatly improved since texting was introduced to me because of its easiness and lenience to communicate. So, it is clear that there are numerous benefits of using texting as a communication method. The power that it has and the potential that it possesses are also very astounding. It is just a matter of time of another technological breakthrough will take texting to whole new

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