The Importance Of Teaching Writing

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Teaching Writing:
More Than Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s
Teaching writing to students is one of the most difficult tasks a writing teacher may have to do in his/her career. Something that seems basic and so formative is taught to children every day, from kindergarten through college and beyond. Whether a person is writing a to-do list, an essay, a novel or a text message, they are writing. Teaching writing arises a great amount of difficulty because there is controversy surrounding how and which elements should be taught when writing a document. By the use of data acquired by writing scholars, observations, and surveys, I will prove that the most important thing to teach students in regards to writing varies greatly and enforce the idea that
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Elizabeth Wardle brings in the idea that “in an ideal world, faculty at all levels who teach writing should be able to consider what research says, and to act from it in flexible ways appropriate to the needs of the students in front of them” (Wardle 3). By using the research and looking to make a uniform teaching guide, teachers would be able to help their students and teach them the writing techniques needed for college and to be successful in …show more content…
Dominic High School Students). In my college writing thus far, I have been taught to start with something that will be both informative as well as grab my readers attention. Simple tips and tricks can be woven into a teacher’s class in order to standardize what is taught and help students learn the most effectively and influential information. If writing checklists about grammatical forms helps students remember to include them, that that is something that needs to occur in the middle school setting in order to train the students to have more complex thoughts and sentence structure. Personal experience from middle school attests to the success of this strategy. Mrs. Cathy LeMarche taught me how to write. It was in eighth grade when this occurs. Although I had attended private school for the years prior, no one took the time to teach me to write, I learned about sentence structure and grammar, but never how to write. It may seem trivial, but she forced the students in her classes to follow a checklist for items for each paragraph in the form of sentence starters, like prepositional phrases and clauses, as well as sentence closures. This encouraged creative writing practices because of the need to fulfill the assignment expectations, but also made creative and more beautiful language common practice over the course of the class. This allowed my

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