Gaining Experience Of A Tax Immigrant

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Many accountants try to gain extra certification to improve their resumes. According to Julie Gutierrez, a tax accountant that resides within the treasure valley, she says that the enrolled agent (EA) certification unlike the CPA certification is more focused on tax accounting serving as an alternative to the CPA that is suited to tax accountants.

When it comes to experience it is not always required that an accountant gains experience, but is highly recommended. Gutierrez already had a position in a company and was learning about accounting from one of her employers before she decided to go to Boise State university to obtain a Bachelor 's degree in Business and Accounting. Her experience before her degree helped her to understand that
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Gutierrez says that she believes it is important to continue education, whether it is by obtaining a higher degree or simply finding answers to questions that come up(Gutierrez, 2016). Gaining experience is very important because it improves an individual 's validity when talking with clients and can increase one’s salary putting one ahead of other tax accountants.
To make the most out of a college experience and to improve chances of getting hired one should become involved with the accounting community and network. Gutierrez says to make the time to attend the job fairs and the accounting events that go on. Accounting is a language and the best way to learn a language us to immerse oneselves in it(Gutierrez, 2016).
Tax accountant Gutierrez finds the most challenging part of her job to be keeping up with the current methods and new rules. This is important because it keeps one able to create accurate accounting records. It is important to keep accurate accounting records to be able to accurately mitigate and solve issues as well as make important business decisions. To accomplish this Gutierrez says that it is important to continually educate one’s self on both new and current news in relation to the business and accounting industries(Gutierrez,
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It seems that all the people I have talked to in relation to accounting have been very passionate about their field. It has been relatively hard for me to picture how, as I have been going through accounting classes myself. It seems to be a very technical career but they have all said that it becomes second nature after going through schooling and then immersing themselves in the industry. I have the desire to be able to live comfortably and have a job that offers new challenges and experiences that will continue my growth. It seems that with the tax accounting profession it is relatively interesting being able to work with many new clients and develop professional relationships as well as make friends. The education I feel will be difficult but that is to be expected from any worthwhile career. There 's also a sense of security knowing that every business needs accounting. This will help insure that I get a job after graduation. It is has been a fear of mine that I will spend prolific amounts of time and money in order to achieve a dream but then realize that I had unrealistic expectations leaving me without a

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