The Importance Of Strengths In Special Education

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One of my fondest memories of ASELA was participating in the Strengthsfinder Activities. If I recall, the Strengthsfinder discussions and activities were on our very first ASELA cohort meeting. At this point of the cohort, we were all strangers and learning about each other's strengths was a great icebreaker activity to kick off the amazing year-long leadership journey. This book has changed my life, I no longer question what I can’t do, I focus and excel at what I am good at. My Top 5 strengths are Harmony, Relator, Positivity, Responsibility, and Arranger.

My top strength is Harmony. When I see two people arguing, I usually turn the other check. I never enjoyed political discussions with my family or friends because they always led to
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I believe that my harmony and my positivity strength go hand in hand. As the special education department chair, I am the LEA designee at all IEP and eligibility meetings at my school. I have shared with all the special education teachers, general education teachers, and administrators that the meetings should always start with something positive and end with something positive. I remind all staff that we are dealing with a person's child, and having a child with a disability is not an easy task. The parent already knows their child's flaws, and we shouldn’t remind them of those flaws. As an IEP team, it is our responsibility to make sure their child is receiving FAPE and we should focus on progress and what we can do for that child to move towards progress. I believe that ensuring that all meetings are positive that I have created positive relationships with our …show more content…
This strength of mine has caused major stress in my life. I simply will not quit until the job is done. I find myself volunteering for jobs, even when I know that my plate is already full. When a superior ask me to work on a project, I become emotionally bond to the project and I feel that it is my responsibility to prove to them that I was the right person for the job. During my internship with ASELA, I choose to intern with the Director of Special Education and the Assistant Superintendent of Radford City Schools. During this internship, I wanted to make sure they saw how committed I was to the students of Radford City. I wanted to display my best attributes, in every way possible. I even found myself volunteering to present the Annual Special Education Plan to the Local SEAC and Local School Board. Last summer, the Director of Special Education asked me to take a paid internship in his office reviewing and correcting 504 plans for our school system. Of course, I agreed to this job that consisted of 97 504 plans that were out of compliance. Not only did I contact the parents and corrected the 504 plans, I trained the 504 coordinators on how to write an effective 504

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