The Importance Of Spirituality In The Manforce

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Register to read the introduction… But spirituality and ethics are quite different, although it is easier for a spiritual person to be ethical. Spirituality encompasses the same topic, which is so important in ethics: character, and the giving of oneself for the benefit of others. There are many spiritual practices that are practically lifted from prominent ethical theories and moral principles, such as the discipline of "dealing with others as you would have them deal with you"; the discipline of "balancing our work, personal, family, community, and church responsibilities"; the discipline of "working to make the system work"; and the discipline of "engaging in personal and professional development" (Pierce 1999, 24). Behaving ethically is a necessary-but not sufficient-component of integrating faith and work. Ethics, or moral philosophy, aims to explain the nature of good and evil. It is important because the human world is dominated by ideas about right and wrong and good and bad. Most ordinary conversation consists of value judgments. (Jean, Garcia …show more content…
Air Force. Until recently, I felted that spirituality had no place in this organization, it often conjures up a flood of images, with positive and negative associations. My personal experience is that people's reactions to the "S" word run the gamut, from a wild thirst for knowledge, to skepticism and confusion, to fear. My colleagues often expressed their feelings that spirituality was a front and a shield to cover a weakness, but in recent years that perception has changed for me; and it seemed to have changed for the organization. Leaders are expressing their spirituality more openly. Critics might argue that secular institutions, especially business firms, have no business imposing spiritual values on employees. Undoubtedly this is valid when spirituality is defined as bringing religion and God into the workplace. However, the criticism seems less stinging when the goal is limited to helping employees find meaning in their work lives. One only has to consider the emotions that certain jobs can invoke e.g. the constant emotional oscillations experienced by paramedics to understand that spirituality in the workplace can be a very

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