Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Youth Worker

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My church has many opportunities to get involved, while looking at theses opportunities I chose the ones that fit myself best. These consist of being a youth worker in the nursery and participating in teaching sunday school during church services. If I could change anything it would be to volunteer more in the kitchen and in the summer programs. This would let me fellowship and grow with other believers. This summer I worked as a youth worker for a concert where I helped prepare food and brought it to the bands playing at my church.

During the course of being a youth worker in the nursery I have volunteered from the beginning of my eighth grade year to present day. As a nursery worker I am required to arrive 15 minutes before the service
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There is always a moment in a person 's life that is the most memorable whether it is winning the world series, or the last moments spent with a loved one, these moments define our lives and what we aspire to become. My most memorable moment was when I accepted Christ into my life, I was around the age of four and everything seemed to be simple. Then I grew up, my life changed, which then caused questions that made me looking for answers. These changes included public high school, work, and friends who were not believers.This is when the majority of my faith grew, I looked for answers in the bible and from other believers, while I faced what was the called the “real world”. My friends grew to respect and listen to what I believed. This gave me comfort and this comfort was not from the feeling of approval but was from …show more content…
Please include interpersonal relationships, your feeling toward authority and family discipline, family worship, and attitude toward Christian living and service. Note any history with alcohol, drugs, tobacco

My life at home since I can remember has been the most influential time in my life. I grew up in a christian home, and my parents are very firm believers. My life has been full of people who have encouraged me in many different ways. I have my pastor who brings a message every sunday and who is a friend of the family. He has been open to answering any questions I have and getting to know everyone in the church. There have been many adults who have encouraged me to volunteer and go on different missions trips. My home life has a great influence on how I react to everyone around me.

In my life my parents have been the majority of where my authority comes from, yes I have teachers and bosses but I will always listen to my parents first. I believe that my whole life should be placed under God 's authority, even if my parents make the rules I will only abide by them if they are pleasing to God. Family discipline is something I believe in especially as learning tool. I believe that of a lesson can be learned from the punishment then it is okay, but if punishment stands for humiliation and nothing else then there is no point. In my years during college or after I would like to serve either locally or in another country in ministry. Every believer

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