Learners With Exceptionalities

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Whether we want to admit it or not, education is the root of life. Everything we say and do involves some sort of education. Education does not discriminate anyone for their abilities nor their disabilities, but it is accepting of all types of learners. Since this is true, why must people look down upon those with different learning styles than them, specifically the learners with exceptionalities?
Children with learning exceptionalities deserve better treatment in our society. Sometimes, they are looked down upon, other times they are neglected in the classroom, but entirely too often they are kicked aside because they do not learn at the pace the teacher or instructor wants them to learn at. If some people can take an extra couple minutes
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This law is to ensure that all students are placed in their LEAST restrictive environment for learning, and requires schools to have free and appropriate public education to students with disabilities (Pazey&Cole, 2013.). The passing of this law was to better the education of these learners and not allow them to be singled out. The students should be placed by their ABILITIES not their disabilities. (Wentz, 2012.)
It is highly unfortunate that the main reason people raise a fuss over special education is because they feel pressured by the law (Pazey, Cole, 2013). This issue should be cared about because it means something, not because the administrators and staff are going to “get in trouble”. Learning disabilities is an area that needs more attention that it is getting. The more it gets pushed aside the longer it will take to find solutions to the
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Treatment like making each and every one of them feel like they have a purpose in life and letting them know they are appreciated and wanted. Our goal is to protect the dignity of human beings (Pazey& Cole. 2013). The education of children with special needs is just as, if not more important than those without. They are people and individuals just like the rest of us. They have dreams and bright futures ahead of them and without addressing the issues like this, who knows if they will have the chance to achieve their dreams. Law 94-142 continues to be modified as time passes but it is not yet where it needs to be (Pazey& Cole. 2013). And as far as solutions go, we have yet to find one. The more time goes on the more attention children with special needs are getting, but it is not quit up to the amount of attention they need. A subject like this needs passion. Those who want the laws passed to help are passionate about the subject, the teachers that fight and fight to see these students excel are passionate, and the parents and siblings of children with disabilities are passionate in seeing what is best for the child. All people are equal, and need to be given a chance. There is no better time than the present to help give these children a chance at chasing a

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