Personal Statement Of Purpose: A Career In College

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Introduction Ever since a child, I have been overwhelmed by the vast number of career options I could choose from, and have never been entirely sure what I wanted to become. I’ve always been curious; I like knowing how things work and why they work. I’d tinker with a computer or take toys apart to fix them or simply for fun. As time and I grew on, things haven’t changed very much. I still love figuring out how things work, and learning about technology. Once in middle school, I dreamed of having a career that would make me six figures. But, as I transitioned into high school, I realized that just choosing a high paying job would not provide me happiness. I put together a couple of my attributes and came up with the idea of software engineering, or a career in the computer/technology field. My dream career would be an engineering …show more content…
After contemplating, I narrowed down the search between two colleges, The University of Wisconsin River Falls, The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. After considerable research on both of the colleges, and after weighing many factors, I came to the decision that The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is best for me.

Academic Program To begin my analysis, I compared the academic programs at the two schools. The major difference in the academic programs at the two schools is that River Falls does not offer a software engineering degree, only a general computer science degree. Eau Claire, on the other hand, offers both a software engineering degree along with a computer science degree. At this point, I feel as if a computer science degree would better suit my needs, so this is not a large determining factor. The UWRF website summarizes their computer science program by stating that the program will gives students a basic understanding of software engineering, computing techniques, and theories while giving students the skills they need

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