The Importance Of Smart Phones On Society

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Smart phones have certainly has been proven to be a type of technology that has changed the way that we have lived as humans in society. Thanks to this technology billions of people around the world are able to communicate, work, and play games seamlessly without much user effort. However despite the great things that people are able to accomplish with this technology, very few have taken the time to think about how it affects their lives. This is something that is somewhat peculiar since it does play such a large role in life yet at the same time people do not recognize it perhaps because it is so seamless. Because of this, I feel compelled to personally stated how smart phones have affected my life.

The first major element that smart phones provide which has personally benefited me is that of the ability to communicate. This might be the most obvious ability when it comes to smart phones however it is one of the most profound in terms of it's capacities and is certainly one that I use. The capability to be able to communicate with friends, family, and others when needed is something that is very special to me. Partially this is because the emotional aspect of getting to communicate with loved ones whom you do not get to see due to circumstances. Moreover another beneficial aspect about communication using smart phones is the fact that I am not
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It is a lot easier to simply have a pair of earbuds and my 5 inch phone in my pockets than it ever was to carry my headphones, DVD player, and MP3. With this practicallity also came the fact that it allowed me to do these things more much like when it came to getting work done. Gone are the days of boring waiting room visits or seemingly endless road trips since all I need is my smart phone and a good game of 2048 to help the time go

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