The Benefits Of Share Life

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Despite who one is, or what they have done, Christians are called to reach out to everyone and make a difference in their lives. Through the Christian Catholic charity organization, Share Life, a positive difference in the community is made, through following the words Jesus gave for his children. Share Life is able to cherish everyone from birth until death through their variety of helping hands and creative thinking to make a change. Share Life will always have a solution ranging from helping youth make friends and grow as people, to simply providing support to seniors in the hard world and anyone living in poverty. Through the Share Life organization, the world can become a better place full of peace and happiness.
Share Life is a Catholic
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The Catechism also teaches when disadvantages happen it is most important to continue helping others. (CCC 1932). Helping others is not for one not to worry about their benefit, but for the benefits others will gain from this deed. In addition, helping others through the simplest way means it is being done as if it is for Christ himself. Supporting and helping others is not only done to those who are Christian, or have the same beliefs, but to everyone (CCC 1933). Just as Jesus’ love extends to everyone, even those who show hatred, stray away from him and are enemies. Support and kindness should also be showed to everyone regardless of who they are, as Jesus would do today. Jesus forgives everyone and his children can do the same with other people. Everyone is called to reach out to anyone around them despite what their racial, economic and religious differences may be. Through forgiveness and serving others, people can work together to have a positive impact on each other and the …show more content…
Kant’s philosophical theory says, “good is only good if [it] [is] done out of good will and provide no personal gain” (DeFrancesco). Therefore, Kant would agree Share Life’s mission to help their surroundings is good since there is no personal gain, instead there is the glory of seeing others happier and living a better life. Moreover, Kant would also agree with Share Life’s mission to help others despite who they are because they are acting in a way that could become the universal law. Kant believes actions being performed should be done in a way where everyone else can follow it and it can become the universal law. Share Life preforming their mission through their charitable actions indicates they are acting in a way where everyone should take the same lead and make a difference in their community. Next, Kant would also say Share Life’s dedication to helping others is good because “it is done for the sake of duty” (DeFrancesco). As a Christian organization, Share Life abide to Jesus’ words set for his children to follow in the earthly world. Meaning, as Christians it is their duty to use the abilities given to them by God to help others around them. Share Life follows Jesus’ words as his children should and for this reason Kant would say what they are doing is good. Finally, Kant states “the existence of God helps the supreme good to be [reached]” (DeFrancesco).

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