Servant Leadership In Education

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Servant leadership is built on the concept that a leader should set aside his or her self-

interest for a higher purpose. That higher purpose is the improvement and building-up of the

people in the organization (Shaw & Newton, 2014). Educator’s as a servant leader is a powerful

and heavy mantle placed on the shoulders of those who choose education as a profession. There

are certain criteria’s that must be met and upheld by those who teach. People who decide to

teach are faced with ethical responsibilities such as classroom management, providing fair and

consistent treatment of each student as well as providing a safe and effective environment for

learning. Educators have their own philosophy of education, but cannot stand
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Learning style is an individual's common or regular pattern of procuring and transforming information in learning situations.
Therefore, educator servant leaders must move away from one size fit all perspective when educating students. It is important that educators know the different learning styles in-depth to be able to identify their learning styles. While there are more, there are four important learning styles focused on when students enter public schools. Educators must provide demonstrations and other visuals for visual learners. The auditory learner learns better by hearing instruction and participating in discussions. Tactile and kinesthetic can and do go hand in hand because both learners must have hands on activities and are very active. According to Zhang, Miao, Yixue,
Ligin, Huang & Yi-Lung (2017), it is important that teachers learn students learning styles and adjust their lesson planning and teaching styles to ensure effective instructions.
Safe and Effective Learning(Remove
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The first strategy should include students when formulating classroom rules. This is one way students will have ownership of their classroom behavior, both academic and behavior. Rituals and routines will help create and maintain classroom order and save valuable instructional time. It will also set the tone for the day’s instruction. To ensure effective learning takes place, routines are best established at the beginning of the year to set the tone for the remainder of the school year. Educators must teach, model, and rehearse classroom expectations daily for

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