Promoting Social And Cultural Competence For Students From Diverse Backgrounds With Disabilities

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The article I chose to critique is titled, “Promoting Social and Cultural Competence for Students from Diverse Backgrounds with Disabilities”, written by Beatrice Adera and Maria L. Manning (2014) and published in the journal of Multicultural Learning and Teaching, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp 67-82.
Summary of the Article
“Promoting Social and Cultural Competence for Students from Diverse Backgrounds with Disabilities” (Adera and Manning, 2014) examines social interaction, social competence, and cultural competence in school aged children with diverse backgrounds and disabilities. Also, the article suggests important strategies the classroom teacher can implement to increase social and emotional behaviors within the classroom, as well as, the community. Teachers need to be aware of the barriers that they create within their classrooms and how it affects culturally and linguistically diverse children.
Critique of the Article In the Adera and Manning (2014) article, I was surprised to read: “Issues relating to the validity of social skills acquisition have been debated for over 25 years with little to no statistically significant outcomes.” I was also shocked that current social skills programs may not necessarily address the needs of this population. It amazes me that no significant data has been collected in regards to this subject. Adera and Manning (2014) article proceeds to explain that culturally and linguistically diverse children have many stressors that effects their…

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