The Importance Of Self Diversity

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My high school years consisted of close minded individuals who judged people based on how they dressed and belittled other races struggles. Growing up and never being part of the majority, I was taught to acknowledge the fact that everyone 's self struggles are just as important as mine. I am an egalitarian that believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of their race, complexion, beliefs and so forth. I’m the type of person that lives by the golden rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated. I believe there is always room for change and for people to better themselves and the world around them. My parents also taught me to be the bigger person in situations that I was passionate about. I prefer to surround myself with …show more content…
I am from Elephants, rice and noodles, and boba, turón and pad thai.
I am from believing there is good in humanity, justice will be served for all people of color, everyone welcomes everyone and everything with open arms and warm hearts, waking up to a completely different world where no one fears their neighbors and learns to accept people for who they are to no one or animal feels nothing but love and importance to the world. A place where my kids are judged based on a number and minimum wage becomes livable and the rich pay taxes.
I am from two flags, one with red, white and blue stripes and another with a red and blue stripe with an equilateral triangle that has three stars and a sun with eight prime rays.
I am from the Methodist branch of catholic in religion, where we believe in the same ways but aren’t as strict about following the bible. I was raised to follow the holy book and not question against it. Yet, still believe some interpretations are open for
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During my high school years, I came to the realization that I’m very indecisive and I believe I will end up what I am destined to do in life one way or another.After I leave Beloit I plan to pursue my Masters and higher education in order for me to have the means to give back to my community, Beloit, my family, coaches and friends for their continuous love and support. Although I am not certain what I want to major in, I know for a fact that I want to help others whether it is by donating food to a local food pantry to going around the world and giving free medical attention to people in developing countries. My ultimate plan in life is to give my life meaning and stop trying to figure it out. I never pictured myself going to Beloit or being part of a squash team and being happy where I decided to go for college. My life is no where close to what I thought it would be ten years ago. I plan on helping children turn their life around and help them see what the world really is. I want to transition myself into a individual that is not in her high school bubble and learns to speak up more in class and in public. I want to become a role model for the younger generation and someone that the older generation would respect by setting the bar higher for the next generation. I want to be able to pay back my parents by giving them a higher education diploma and bragging rights because without them I

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