Active Listening: A Case Study

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One day, April was in class when she had received a text message from her boyfriend named Andy. He asked April, “How is your day going?”, then she responded with “Fine”. Andy confusingly replied, “Everything okay?”, then April responded with “Yes”. Later that day, April comes home from work and slams the door. Andy instantly begins to assume that she is upset with him and once again asked her “Everything okay?” and received no response back from her. They sat down to have dinner and Andy tries to make conversation with April, but she seemed reserved. Since April did not have a good day at school, she was already in a bad mood. Andy then asked her how her day went but she replied in a short manner. Andy said “Babe, everything okay?”, April …show more content…
Active listening is understanding what one’s partner is trying to say and is communicating attention and comprehension to the other. It involves two components which is being effective respondents and effectively perceiving the partners viewpoints. It is easy to activate new conflicts that are caused by misunderstanding of the initial message that the partner is trying to convey. It has become rather difficult to successfully practice active listening resulted from communicating through different types of mediums that facilitates social interactions and relationships. Active listening allows the individual to avoid assumptions and causes them to investigate whether their inference on their partner message is correct. Eğeci and Gençöz also suggested that it is important to identify factor that might impair effective communications, such as persistently thinking about their own thought and excluding what their partner has to say by not listening to their point of views (2005). It is important to become an active listener by listening to one’s partner’s point of views instead of coming into conclusion on what they meant. Active listening is an important skill to prevent misunderstandings and intensifying conflict, but effective communication is not only about active listening and understanding

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