The Importance Of School Killing Creativity

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Can A Fish Climb A Tree? : School Is Killing Creativity

Sometimes you blame your laziness and lack of creativity on puberty not knowing that the real reason was school. Today, i believe most kids graduate only knowing if they're good at school or not. Schools kill creativity because there’s not enough motivation, the education that we have drains that creativity because of all the tests, and the system we have now was and still is the response to industrialism. The first reason on how school kills creativity is because there’s not enough motivation. Subjects like creative writing, music, dance and theater are being pushed to the side to emphasize the importance of STEAM (Perez,1). Students will no longer be able to work on things they like
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When you were in elementary school, you loved to go because you were actually willing to learn the things they taught. You were more curious and more in tune with learning. But once you head into middle school or high school you start to lose that childlike curiosity and motivation. You won’t be as creative because at that point in time you will have been drained by all the school work you’ve had to endure up until that point.
All the testing is another reason why I believe school kills creativity. Schools think that bubbling in a multiple choice question determines your success (Williams,1). If you don’t pass the test successfully you’re considered a failure. “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe its whole life that it is stupid” (Williams,1). If a kid takes tests and fails them, they’re only going to believe they’re not smart. But they are. We keep having to study for these tests that we can’t focus on what we really want to focus
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The main quality in a factory is uniformity just like how school is (Shippey,1). Factories need things to be perfect. Anything outside of perfection is considered a defect. Education wise, a student falling below a level will be considered failing. A failure of the industrial process. “We run companies like this by the way, we stigmatize mistakes” (Robinson,1). Companies will frown upon mistakes like how we frown upon mistakes since it will lower our grades. Our creativity is being hurt because if we’re not prepared to be wrong, then we’re not going to come up with original ideas or

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