Dress Code Research Paper

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Canton High School in Mississippi has suspended over 100 students on the first day of school due to the fact that they wear neon colored shoes (Takepart.com). Is that what the world has come to? Do you want to help give equality to both boy and girls? The school dress code not only sexulizes women it also hurts their self-esteem, which causes them problems later n in their life. Also the dress code can be considered very sexist due to the fact that it does not punish boys the same way it does to girls. The parents of the students believe that it is their job to tell their children what they are wearing. Or if the parents do not agree with what their child is wear to punish them, it is not the job nor the role of the school to do the job of a parent. Girls should not have to change 3 times with in a day because the school does not approve of their clothing. The dress code is sexist against girls, they are told to change because boys control them selves around girls. If the school a realize what they are doing to children then the world will be a nicer place to live in. School dress codes have the tendency to sexualize …show more content…
As one can see a majority of teens believe that the school enforced dress codes limit their personality and their ability to express themselves, but schools have a very different opinion on how students should be able to express themselves at school. “A dress code encourages students to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements, not outward appearances” (Polk High School Handbook). But what if a child is not good at academics, and she is very artistic, how is she supposed to express herself? She cannot, there would be no way to let her artistic talent and abilities show, how is that fair for her? Dress codes does not only objectify women it also also teach guys to objectify girls in a way that they will not see any

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