Why Do School Uniforms Take Away Individuality

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Uniforms are taking away our individuality! We use clothes to reveal our personality. Doing so will show others our differentiates to everyone else. For the past decade students, parents, and teachers have been struggling about this topic. In half the schools the uniforms work very well, and in others not so much. Although dress codes and uniforms show it helps with grades, these uniforms shouldn’t be apart of school because it costs a lot, it doesn’t change the fact that kids would still bully each other 's appearances and it doesn’t show the students personality.
School uniforms don’t change the student 's personality. Just because the clothes change doesn’t mean it would change the students. Clothing is a major element of a student 's personal style and format of creative expression. Students at a school with uniforms may feel sensitive to jabs and criticism from a student at schools where uniform policies don’t exist. Theses rules violate a student right to freedom of expression. Freedom of Choice is written out in our Bill of Rights and the school has no place to take away these rights. “The First Amendment to the United States
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And if you can’t wear a certain clothing, well that is why there is a school dress code guideline to walk students on what to wear for the requirements of the school. Dress codes promote a more serious school atmosphere which makes academics and promotes good behavior. It also has proven to increase a student achievement by encouraging students to concentrate more on their studies and less on their wardrobe. Dress codes in school settings reduce social conflict and peer pressure that may relate with appearance. Dress codes still allow students to wear what they want which leaves students with a sense of choice of expression. In most people 's opinions, most likely clothes that don’t show too much skin. If that plan works, we are all good to

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