The Importance Of Relationship Management In Nursing

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Relationship management
Relationship management is illustrated by ones ability to encourage others to achieve both individual goals as well as shared goals (Ealias & George, 2012). Moreover, emotionally intelligent leaders are able to impart transformational influence over a group of individuals (Sadri, 2012). Therefore, emotionally intelligent nurse leaders need to “connect with followers, communicate a sense of purpose in work and establish influential relationships with others” (Roussel et al., 2016, p.71). Obtaining buy-in from staff members and other departments is one of the most valuable skills a nurse manager can posses. Increasing pressure to improve outcomes, decrease costs, enhance patient safety, and boost the quality of care can
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Although I have at times thought about how I reacted in a particular situation I have not analyzed why I reacted in a particular way. Personally I feel that I am fairly aware of my emotions. I am committed, invested, and passionate about what I do in my personal and professional life. I yearn to excel in my duties and I like others to see me as a smart, innovative, and reliable person who looks out for the wellbeing of others and of the organization. With that being said, when these values are threatened I am wholeheartedly hurt and can become overwhelmed with feelings of disillusionment. I would also say that I sometimes struggle to distance my personal emotions from the opinions of others thus taking disapproval too …show more content…
Visiting various countries and working with people from many different backgrounds has allowed by to become receptive to how these factors influence others perceptions. I would say, however, that because the majority of enlisted members are young adults and adults my exposure to adolescents and older adults was somewhat limited. Perhaps this is why I find the generational difference between my peers and I so challenging. I feel that my career progression has really enhanced my social awareness. Having begun my career in healthcare as a medical technician in the Air Force, followed by certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse and ultimately concluded by achieving Registered Nurse licensure has allowed me to connect better team members of various skills levels. Additionally, as a result of my nursing experienced I have had the opportunity to work closely with different disciplines. Through multidisciplinary team collaboration I have gained a better understanding of each disciplines contribution to the delivery of patient

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