The Importance Of Quality Learning And Teaching Essays

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Throughout my experience in schools and university, I have focused on fostering and strengthening collegial relationships. This has developed my skills associated with working within a team and believe my strengths lie in listening, willingness to learn and having the ability to fulfil leadership and delegation roles where necessary.

I believe that quality learning and teaching occurs when teams work collaboratively and use each member’s strengths. I believe that my strengths are open-mindedness, supportiveness and possessing a positive and enthusiastic attitude. I enjoy collaboration and working with others to learn and extend my knowledge of learning and teaching. I have worked closely with professional learning teams throughout my experience in schools and have found that as a graduate teacher, I have new and different ideas that I can contribute to the planning and implementation of lessons.

I have participated and implemented team-teaching in a 5/6 classroom. I enjoyed this form of teaching and found that it was advantageous for students whereby it allowed them to consolidate their knowledge and skills through different viewpoints from teachers. I co-taught an inquiry unit on science where the lessons were structured with a teacher-directed introduction and body of the lesson was student-led to investigate and research through hands-on activities. Students investigated a chosen topic while teachers observed to provide clarity of students’ understanding.


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