The Importance Of Promotion Of Health

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All through the world there has been infectious disease that lead to being chronic as the leading cause of death. This is why more promotion of health increased throughout the years, to warn individuals that it is important to have checkups. Seeing your doctor for every six months or year for checkups making sure you were as healthy as last time should be important to you. Not only does promotion of health let peo ple improve their health but also stops contagious diseases from spreading or becoming an outbreak. The basics steps among maintaining a good health is: eating healthy, managing your weight, and lastly balancing your stress level. There is also natural ways to staying healthy, but that is all if one is willing to live a good …show more content…
By definition, preventive medicine has been given to "healthy" people through large amounts. There are natural ways through kinesiology, weight management, healthy eating and lastly knowing your family history in preventing disease,. Without these options your children would be worst off in the future. Doctors recommend all these options to prevent disease, have better health options and prevent disease in the future. Pursuing general good health managing, weight, eating healthy, eliminating stress are the best ways to naturally prevent diseases or bad health. The fields of Preventive Medicine and public health both promote general health, preventing disease.
There are three types of prevention: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention which is the share the promotion of general health, and preventing disease. For example: education about good nutrition, the importance of regular exercise, and the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Secondary prevention interrupts the disease process before it becomes symptomatic like telling people to take daily, low-dose as pirin to prevent a first or second heart attack or stroke. Lastly Tertiary prevention, limits the physical
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When becoming sick, there is no choice but to think about your health. It is like Mark
Twain said "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don 't want, drink what you don 't like, & do what you 'd rather not." Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as important as getting plenty of rest, avoiding dangerous substances like tobacco, and alcohol, consuming a heavy amount of salt and sugar, and eating right. Taking care of ones body before any health risk arrive are great ways to stay healthy. Focusing on a great deal of preventive medicine and wellness care is also the best interest (Wake med physicians, We must build healthy habits while making a few sacrifices even if you thinks it is not convenient.
This is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States, many of the situations can be prevented and treated successfully if found early enough. Introducing healthy lifestyle habits can positively affect your health for a long term future. A good place to start is keeping your health in check with an annual

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