Importance Of Food In Hawaii

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Food Nutrition

In today’s society of Hawaii, food is probably the most talked about subject. From people deciding where to eat or trying to decide what foods not to eat. Food nutrition is an important topic to discuss because nowadays people are either trying to be more health conscious or lose weight. With the increase in fast food and unhealthy meals, people are unaware of what 's in those type of foods that can affect their health. There are a lot of local delicacies in Hawaii and knowing what 's in them is a good way to gauge if it 's healthy or not. I believe that the people of Hawaii should know the types of food they are eating no matter if they’re on a diet or not.
People are always in a rush to do something and never has the time to just sit down and relax. So when
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Every person I know enjoys fresh fish. Living in Hawaii, “poke” is a very

common food to everyone and is enjoyed in many ways. Fish is very healthy for you and is much better than just eating fast food. Poke has been around since the 1970’s and has had great development since. It’s very healthy because many other vegetables are mixed in as well like onions, seaweed, and ogo. Poke has become so popular that people started to create chains of restaurants that serve only poke bowls.
Knowing what goes into the body is very important in living.

Everyone should keep track of what they eat even from the littlest thing. Being health conscious is very good if people are trying to go on a diet.
Hawaii foods can sometimes be unhealthy no matter how good it taste or how cheap it is. With the increase in obesity in kids and teens Hawaii is trying to create better food systems for those in school. Children that eat at school are more likely to intake grains, milk, vegetables, and meats while children that bring home lunch may get nothing of that. Hawaii schools are now making it a priority to ensure healthy meals for every

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