The Importance Of Project Planning

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How did you start the process?
The entire process was started by initiating a project management plan that allowed me to design a project plan for completing the entire tasks successfully. As requirements of the project are the basis need of the project, analyzing the requirements task has been done in the first week of the project. It involves several steps. It is required to locate the spot first. Location is very vital for conducting a successful program.

How it was planned?
The project was planned using project management plan template where right away from venue selection until hosting the event successfully each and every task was well planned. I had divided the project into three major tasks and stages where the analyzing project requirements,
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The entire progress of the project was effective because the project plan being designed was so helpful in identifying the project requirements and risks effectively. The venue selection, food menu, guests list, hostage details, lighting, music and entertainment programs were well planned and were almost finalized.

What is the new perspective?
The new perspective was that this project gave me very good experience and knowledge in hosting a project management based events. Before doing this project I am not much aware on project management process and success and failure factors involved in a project.
I came across different concepts like Project management plan, Project scope, Work breakdown Structure, Stakeholder Communication, Risk management, Procurement. Gantt chart, Activity plan and how much importance they will contribute in successful completion for our Formal Dinner project.

With the help of new perspective what you achieved? Or How it made your work simple?
This project taught me good knowledge on how to host and complete a project successfully, along with the risks and threats involved in projects and the risk mitigation strategies to be used etc.

How did you work as a

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