The Importance Of Programming

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Imagine you’re back in 5th grade, you are playing on an iPad, and you want to know how it all works. You ask your parents; they don’t know they just say “It’s magic” but you know it not magic. Where do you go? You can’t go to your teachers because they probably wouldn’t know either. Code is the new language of our world; it runs everything, yet we aren’t teaching it in school. The skills learned from programming are so universal and essential that there should be no question about teaching in schools.
Why is programming so important? Well, there is not a day that goes by that you are not using something that requires programs to run. Every little thing you do on your phone, smart or not, needs a program. Watching the morning news, your cable box, your TV, and even your remote require programs to run, even just driving your car. We are surrounded by programs big and small, and none of these programs would exist if there weren’t any programmers. In this day and age, the idea that there are no programming classes in K-12 is ridiculous. Everything we do requires a program to run,
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For example, problem-solving in particular computational thinking is a critical skill used in programming. So what exactly is computational thinking? Jeannette M. Wing of Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science in her article “Computational Thinking-What and Why?” described computation thinking as “the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions so that the solutions are presented in a form that can be efficiently carried out by an information-processing agent”. So in layman’s terms, computational thinking is coming up with a problem and figuring out logical and viable solutions. An example of this would be someone trying to fix a car; first, you would find out the problem, then you would figure out solutions that could be adequately followed

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