Reflective Essay On Employability Skills

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Communication is a part of everything in my life. I use it at school, to complete my classwork and to socialise with my friends. I use both formal and informal language every day. I use formal language when I address my teachers and boss, whereas when I speak to my friends and family I use informal language. Social media is a major part of communication, especially to people that I need to talk to oversees or interstate. Technology for my emails, texting and phone calls makes all of this communication possible. I also use written communication for school mainly, and I love to read novels. As well as this I learn another language, Japanese. This second language allows me to communicate
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I have great time management skills which helps me to use all of my time the best I can in class so my homework time is minimised and I can fit other things in like training and other hobbies. Also, I am able to self-manage when working in a team by setting timelines for the work and making sure that I am putting enough into the assignment. Through self-management I am able to operate independently, an example of this is when I catch the bus to and from work, and sometimes it can take three buses to get home. This shows that being independent doesn’t help me only intellectually with school work, but it can help me practically. I also show self-management skills at work because I have to make decisions on how I want to act and who I want to be perceived as, especially to …show more content…
This is because I have always needed to be organised and independent with my family environment and situation. This has enabled me to become more self-sufficient and able to manage my own affairs.
My weakest employability skill is technology. This is because even though I know how to use simple computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, my skills lack when it comes to more complex ones like Photoshop. I have a basic skill set in Photoshop and other programs alike however, if I knew more about how I can use the program it could help me in many other aspects of my life like future career plans and for subject presentations. Some ways that I can improve my technology skills are:
- Take some online tutorials on YouTube to enhance by abilities in certain programs like Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.
- Subscribe to magazines and news feeds that contain links that relate to some technical skills.
- I could talk to people in the Information Technology department at school when I have questions on how to use a program that I need for an assignment. This will help me also in future assignments because I will know how to create my assignment in the program

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