The Importance Of Professional Development For The ELL Teacher

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Due to professional development at Cartersville Middle School being providing at times during the day that often do not correlate with the ELL teachers’ planning period, these teachers have missed training on how to use some of the basic technology the Cartersville School district provides. In addition, these teachers have not been provided time to work with the technology that has been placed in their classrooms to see how it can benefit them in their ELL classroom and how it can provide it can support language development with the ELL student. Therefore, there are two main goals for the five-day summer professional development for the ELL teachers. Goal 1 - Provide opportunities for the middle school ELL teachers to learn specific technologies …show more content…
The teachers in the study reported their independent learning was the best use of their time and allowed them to bring their own new and creative ideas into the school as they researched specific areas of interest. At the end of each section of training during the ELL professional development, teachers will be given the opportunity to work independently to discover ways to incorporate what they have learned back into their classroom. The study conducted by Bozkurt, Demir, and Vural (2014) shows the value of providing ample time during professional development for teachers to explore. When teachers are provided intense training on how to integrate technology into their course specific area, have group discussions after each lesson taught, and have time to ask questions, they are more successful than those who are self-taught or have sporadic professional development during the work day. Therefore, the middle school ELL teachers will be provided time at the end of each lesson to brainstorm and collaborate with their peers on how best to integrate the technology and visual literacy components they have recently learned about back into the

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