The Importance Of Positive Health Care Essay

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In your own words describe a brief explanation of this article.
This article encompasses the importance of positive health care. Positive health care, according to the article, goes beyond just patient care. In order to have the best care possible patients need to feel a sense of belonging, trust, happiness, and loyalty with the health care provider, administer, and hospital. In order to achieve this, branding, customer service, and the physical atmosphere must also be taken into account. Branding can build a reputation, however, at the same time it break it down as well. Knowing your administrations strongest point is the first step in the administrations correct branding. Branding is the overall message or statement your company portrays. So if a company says customer service is their number one quality, then that company should keep that honesty by upholding that message. Secondly, the articles views on customer service are vital. The article states that studies show decreased readmission, higher patient retention rates, and better patient health outcomes when patients are treated as if they matter. This includes respect, making accommodations to suit patient needs, and listening to the patients concerns. Lasty, the article places value on aesthetics of the physical environment. If a small practice places comfort for breast cancer patients as a brand, then they should suit the environment to most please that brand. The article made an example of this by showing a picture…

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