The Importance Of Poor Punctuality

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Poor Punctuality Being on time is a good thing. Whether it is getting up or completing an assignment before it is due. The sad part of it is I think it is pretty common to have poor punctuality. In fact, most people I know do not really make it a habit to complete and do everything on time. Punctuality is an undervalued characteristic of our society. In my academic and sports life, completing assignments late is very frowned upon. In most of my classes if I turn in an assignment even an hour past its due time the maximum grade you can get on it is fifty percent. In most of my classes at least two people never get the assignment done on time. Let us say over the course of a year, using a points system, that a math teacher assigns two thousand points of home work. At one hundred and eighty days a year at one assignment not turned in each school week and one assigned every day you will have a maximum grade of eighty percent. Now let us say one day out of every two school weeks I am late …show more content…
I cannot legally drive, I am under age, so I rely on people to drive me places. It has happened to me many times where I am left behind. When I show up five minutes late to a park or a gas station to get a ride and it is not there. I sometimes can get really depressed by it. Not only am I not getting to where I need to go I am losing a person to give me rides to places in the future. Even that is not as bad as what happened to me before. One of my first dates I arranged to have my mother drive me and her to the movies. I didn’t realize what time it was and we were late, we even missed the movie. After that she never wanted to talk to me again. I really liked her it is a shame I messed that one up. I always try to stay up on punctuality but it even gets me sometimes. The other day a group of my friends were coming over to watch the Lions play, and I forgot the pizzas in the oven and burnt them. Even my friends were mad at

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