Personal Narrative Essay About Playing Baseball

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When I was around the age of 4, I was not really happy about playing sports, especially baseball. I thought baseball was really boring and I’d rather play with my little football men back at home. My father pretty much forced me to play baseball because he wanted to live his dreams of playing professional through my life. Now, 16 years later I absolutely love everything about the game of baseball. So much that I have a job with the Detroit Tigers, who are a professional Major League Baseball team. Playing baseball is really fun because I get to show off my skills, even if I’m not the best on the team. Baseball also has many different terms that I had to learn and am still learning now. That was one of the many reasons in which I did …show more content…
Before, I explain to you about the play I made in that game, let me explain to you about how the T-Ball-esque league is played. When 4 year olds are playing baseball, the players do not pitch, the coaches of the respective teams pitch to their own batters. The league I played in did this for 2 reasons. One, because the league did not want to put stress on the little kid’s arms. Throwing from that far of a distance for a little kid, without any momentum towards home plate, puts a great deal of stress on pitcher’s elbows. Second, the league wanted the kid’s to actually have fun while batting. There are not many 4-year-old pitchers that could throw consistent hittable balls to the batters. Back to the game, I was standing next to opposing coach on the pitcher’s mound acting as a pitcher. The batter hit a soft line drive over me and decided to jump really high for the ball. A line drive in baseball is ball that comes of the bat that resembles a straight line; never touches the ground. I do not remember how high the ball was over my head but I remember catching the ball and falling straight on my butt. I would say I jumped really high for it because my teammates were jealous of me and saying that, “ there is no way that this kid caught the ball.” Every since that day I enjoyed playing the game of

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