Why Is It Important To Attend College?

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While in high school, you hypothetically have parents with you everywhere. Whether it is high school, or home. For example, parents in high school are your teachers, because they constantly remind you of assignments due or tests that are approaching to prepare you for studying, and parents at home are your mom and dad. Parents at home make sure you go to school whether it is through screaming or just waking you up. They also make sure you keep updated in your education through many means such as what long motivation speeches about why education is important. Whether it is home or school you are constantly reminded that you must go to school or do homework. Most people after high school attend college, college environment is very different from high school. This is …show more content…
In high school you have people helping you every step of the way, such as teachers to constantly pressuring you to good in class or parents who emphasize the need to go to school. When you enter a college, you are told that you are on your own. You must find the right person to get help from and compete with other students to be the best so that you can get a good paying job. These can create a lot of stress for students. Which is why college like UCSC must implement methods such as assigning personal advisors and having an emphasis on group work because it can can help alleviate stress while having a smooth transition into college. This is because once you are assigned personal advisors and required to visit them, you can get help on non-academic and academic skills, practically everything while not have to worry about competition. Such help can limit the gap of dropout students and increase student success, because it may be the reason that students need someone to help them keep up on top of our things just like high school teachers and parents

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