The Importance Of Obesity

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Physical activity has always been heard of. It is on the News, magazines, television, everywhere, that people are not being physically active. Obesity did not raise awareness to this issue because working out or just moving around has always been a solution to a lot of problems today and way back before. It is an important part of conquering this battle. “Increasing physical activity and exercise is an important element of regimens intended to produce weight loss, even though the addition of exercise to a diet program generally does not produce substantially greater weight loss—most weight lost is attributable to decreased caloric intake” ( Physical Activity, Drugs). Getting up is only partially helping, one has to be focused on creating healthy …show more content…
After procedures are done 25% to 40% of the body’s relative mass decreased(Physical Activity, Drug). For some that 's enough and others that’s a start on their weight-loss journey. There are always risk associated with surgery. Surgical procedures are only recommended when the risk linked with obesity is significantly greater those of surgery (Physical Activity, Drug). The risk of surgery depends on the current weight, and the patient 's general health. In fact, the lazy way is only lazy in the beginning. After surgery, the patient must monitor closely what they are consuming and take into account that some foods they are no longer able to eat (Physical Activity, Drug). The strict dieting continues for the rest of their life. Watching what they eat very carefully and sticking to diet plans. There is side effects to eating how they were used too such as “dumping syndrome” that includes sweating, lightheaded, nausea and palpitations (Physical Activity, Drug). The goal was to eat better and in truth be told this helps with that because the weight is already lost and eating like one was accustomed to before could cause serious health problems. The fear of that is a motivation in some causes because who wants to make another trip to the hospital, or discuss a problem that was already fixed. Revisiting a troubling situation again and again is repetitive and stressful. Be in control and take care of the …show more content…
Sitting and waiting for those rates to lower by themselves won’t help. Get up and Move. Get up and work. Work Hard. Harder than ever before. Michelle Obama encourages parents to get active and take a stand with their children. She is fighting against childhood obesity because she recognizes it is a problem and a very big one in America. She has started a program called “Let’s Move” and it turns 5 this year (Michelle Obama’s Let’s). Its an event where everyone could go to different stations, like zumba and stationary bikes to burn off those calories. Let’s Move has been talked down upon by many including republicans, school lunch staff, food companies and kids attending school. It brought new school food rules and not too many were fans of it but the program still shows progression. Last year, obesity in the Centers for disease dropped a dramatic 43% with children ages 2-5 (Michelle Obama Let’s). That is a fantastic number and it sure has a lot of work behind it to be proud of. The younger they are, the better it will be for them. It is good to start these habits early, instead of too late. Who wants to be that kid who is obsessed with food.. and it all shows? No one. Being healthy prevents a lot of things like bullying, counseling for the behavior, surgery, fad diets and working out 3x times as much as any other kid. Parents have to be the foundation of healthiness in a child’s life. The kids can not drive

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