Childhood Obesity In America

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Childhood obesity, an epidemic sweeping the nation. Particularly with Hispanic and people in poor neighborhoods. But just like every epidemic, it has to start somewhere. In this case it starts at home, with parents not having the time to learn the importance of healthy eating. Not only do parents play a role in child obesity, but also all of the fast food chains opening up around every corner making it easy for kids to access cheap and unhealthy food. With all the calories kids are consuming, not enough calories are being burned due to kids not getting enough exercise. Childhood obesity is increasing in what people like to call the ghetto or poor neighborhoods. According to the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance data, “nearly one-third …show more content…
We hear stories all the time from parents that allow their child to eat as much as they want, and not gain one pound. Study has shown that this may have to do with genetics. Even though family genetic is as far as we know a theory as of right now, let 's not change the fact that the kids are not getting enough exercise throughout the day. Yes, we can blame genetics for our obesity, but the child plays a big role in living a healthy life. Sometimes it’s not there fault, kid sometimes don 't have the option as others do to go out and play. In most neighborhoods a child may not go for a jog, bike riding, to the park with friends, or even a stroll around the neighborhood. In most neighborhoods a kid has to be home by 5pm., at this point many kids are losing at least two hours of exercise that other kids in different neighborhoods would get. “By taking up physical exercise early in life, children have the advantage of a leaner, stronger figure, with lower risks of obesity” (Exercise). That is why exercise is as important as what a child eats, without exercise kids aren’t burning the necessary calories that is recommended for their age. By taking up physical exercise early in life, children have the advantage of a leaner, stronger figure, with lower risks of obesity. All of the extra calories not being burned are turning into fat, the same fat that is going to causes a kid to gain weight and be label as obese. With Childhood obesity increasing every year, maybe is time for a couple of changes. It is easy to point finger and blame someone for all of our trouble, but sometimes we have to take responsibility for our action. We as a nation must become more informed with healthy eating. Parents should encourage their kids to exercise and eat healthier. With parents becoming more aware of the problem the easier

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