Persuasive Essay: How To Workout

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How to workout
There’s so many people that don’t like the idea of working out. They even groan whenever they hear the words “time for some exercise” or “let’s go to the gym.” I myself would act the same way, I dreaded the idea of doing some exercise. But the first thing that people should realize is that exercise prevents obesity. And we all know that that is very common in America. Not only does it prevent obesity but it also prevents stress and diabetes, which leads to a long and healthy life.
Many people think that exercising means having to do an intense workout, but that’s not true. There’s a lot of ways to exercise. For example yoga, strength training, boxing or something else- find the one exercise that will make you the happiest.
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It’s recommended to make changes with your eating habits. At first it will not be easy because no one likes to stop eating their favorite foods. But if you want to lose weight or be healthier then you must do that so you can start seeing results in no time. One of the main things you should watch out for are the carbs and especially the calories. Eating 5 times a day may sound too much but that’s how you keep your system working throughout the day. Those 5 meals are breakfast, a small snack which can be fruit or yogurt, or just anything small in general. Then the lunch and after another snack, small again, and lastly dinner. If you’re not used to eating breakfast then don’t have a big meal. Always make sure to start off little by little because then you will upset your stomach, and you won’t feel good. Eating different foods everyday can also make it fun and that way you won’t get tired of what you …show more content…
For those who are beginners it will be good to start off in the gym, either exercising with a partner or maybe even getting a personal trainer. Most personal trainers can be very pricey but that’s one way you’ll always stay on track and you will be able to know what, and what not to do so you can be healthy and not hurt yourself by working out. If getting a personal trainer is too much for you then you can always look for a friend or someone you know that is experienced with exercise. Once you start to workout you have to make sure you won’t miss any days. Every now and then your schedule could get busy but try not to miss a lot. 35 minutes in the morning or whenever you have free time should be fine. If your schedule is too busy and you don’t have time to go to the gym then you can always workout at home. There’s plenty of exercise routines on the internet, especially on an app called Pinterest. Not only can you find easy workout routines to do at home but a lot of healthy food recipes you can always

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