Self Case Studies: Self-Case Study: Exercise

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Self-Case Study
Problem Definition – I need to exercise more and get fit. I exercise 15 minutes a week or once a week maybe twice. I need that to increase.
Scaling (problem) 1-10 (you are in control) 3
Goal – I want to exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.
Exception Identification – I have worked out in the past. There was a time, I committed to getting up early before work. In the event I missed exercising in the morning it was a given I would do it in the evenings after work. This task was important enough to me that I would forgo other things.
Intervention/Task – I began wearing exercise clothes even when I was not in the mood to exercise. I have taken the steps instead of taking the elevator. I parked the car further away
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What was your overall thought process during this assignment? Would you use SBFT to address other problems? Do you think it is an effective technique? Why or Why not? Are their skills you still feel you need to address? What do you think would help you address these skills (additional practice) I noticed 6 months ago that my exercise plan that was previously put into place a year ago had altogether vanished. This plan consisted of me getting up an hour earlier during the work week, making time in the evening to walk alone, or walk my dogs. I would get up early to use the elliptical machine, or the treadmill, or perform low level aerobics. This activity dwindles to nothing because of my schedule being full and it did not allow time for me to exercise. Also, I allowed other people to use my free time that I would lend to exercise, or I would find work to do, and exhaust time that could have been applied to …show more content…
SFBT is a great technique, especially when used in a school system because issues arise often. More than likely, it is possible in this setting to do what you have done before or come up with a new solution to the problems. A good example of this would be when we found out that children were not being fed before they arrived at school, so instead of looking at this a problem as one the school system could not fix. Families were addressed about their income, to determine if free and reduced lunch is required for some students. Fix that problem was essential to the learning process. Of course, there are skills I need to address and fine tune, but my thought is that practice of this theory will improve the process of conducting this therapy. As previously stated, the school system will be a perfect venue to gain practice, which will in turn create some form of expertise with my knowledge regarding this

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