The Symbolic Function Of Obesity And The Obesity Epidemic

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The Obesity Epidemic Structural Function. Structural function looks at the norms, customs and traditions. There are so many families that have grown up, mine included, learning that we don’t waste food. This becomes normal for some people. The thought of throwing away food that can be eaten at a later time is unthinkable. Many homes will not let you leave the table until your plate is clean. Then there is snacking between meals. This has become a staple in many homes. The kids come home, grab a snack, and sit in front of the television. For so many people snacking is normal even though it is part of the obesity epidemic problem. We are so used to doing these things that we don’t even think about it or how it is affecting our health and the …show more content…
Symbolic Interaction focuses on how people act based on the meaning something has for them. When it comes to obesity, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort eating. Many people, myself included, tend to eat when emotions are high. Some people eat because they are upset. Others eat because they are happy and celebrating. The main one that comes to mind is eating from boredom. This can become a vicious cycle. If an obese person goes out in public, and someone makes fun of their weight, that obese person may eat more from depression, which then keeps the cycle going. We also see ads everywhere for food, and not always the healthy kind. With all of the additives that fast food have in them, makes it even more unhealthy than previously thought (Frazier pg. 296). The unhealthy food always seems to look more delicious, which in turns makes us hungry for us. I have always heard the statement “never grocery shop on an empty stomach”. It is true. I have shopped on an empty and full stomach. I always tend to leave with more food that I originally planned on when my stomach is …show more content…
I think most of how we act toward food and obesity stems from how we are brought up, what we consider normal, and the meaning behind our actions. We fear losing tradition that has been handed down and it is hard to break habits that we enforce, sometimes without even realizing it, every day. We are showing our children how to eat and how to see themselves all the time and we are the only ones that can put a halt on the obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity is already a problem in the United States, but we can work to correct that starting at home. Have healthy snacks for after school instead of chips and cookies. Focus more on the vegetable portion at supper instead of the meat and carbohydrates. Keep soda and other sugary drinks out of the house and focus on drinking more water. Put the electronics down and do more activities outside. There are so many things we can do to get our children moving so that the obesity epidemic doesn’t continue into the

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