The Importance Of NATO

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Assignment One
In order for a global community to survive, countries must generate healthy relations with other countries across the world. As an effort to unite the world as a whole, countries share economical, geographical, cultural, political, and social borders. However, this attempt of uniting the world also creates a major global issue over national security around the globe. To maintain the national security, countries have to take a local and global measure. A local measure would be amongst the country itself to protect themselves; however, for a global effort, countries must create alliances with other countries for aid. Also, working relations throughout the world will help the developing countries to thrive, as well. Combined efforts
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It is not possible for a single entity to resolve global issues on its own. The supporters of the preservation of NATO claim that the organization promotes multilateralism. On the other hand, many non-supporters label NATO as “obsolete.” According to Joseffe Joff, many alliances end after the war, but NATO has survived for “all the old reasons,” essentially, making it useless. In addition to Joff’s reasoning, some claim that NATO is an obstacle between “renationalization of our defense policies” (Flamini). Essentially, in personal references to the United States, it burdens the country financially and isolates …show more content…
A popular example of how NATO has helped terrorism in the United States was the way it responded to the 9/11 attacks, during President George Bush’s presidency. NATO also launched an anti-terrorist program to carry out different strategies like “detecting chemical, biological and nuclear weapons with specialist teams” (Flamini). Although NATO has not transferred over to a global anti-terrorist organization, the support it provides would be beneficial for global security. Due to the role of a binding force amongst countries, NATO tends to become a support for countries when issues regarding global issues arise.
Global affairs are critical to the well being of the world. Hence, it is important that global understanding is well-maintained while carrying out numerous international negotiations between several countries. In such times, it proves to be highly beneficial when more than one entity join hands to encounter positive or negative circumstances. Result of such a team effort is more likely to be a marvelous success compared to an entity acting on its own to bring a change in the world. A group effort along with a highly tolerable and open-minded way of working is necessary to keep the relations across the globe at a productive pace. After all, when several intellectual minds come together, beautiful innovations become the only outcome. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team

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