American Exceptionalism Research Paper

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Empire of Bases: Good or Bad?
American exceptionalism is the belief “that the United States is different, better, and morally superior to the rest of the world” (Layne, 142). It also implies that the United States is both destined and entitled to play a distinct and positive role on the world stage. In essence, exceptionalism is a popular ideal held by many Americans, but is it practical? In this paper, I will be arguing on the impracticality of American exceptionalism. I will discuss how the United States’ “empire of bases” (global military presence) does not make us safer, is not conducive to world peace, and is not worth its economic and human costs. I will also offer a better alternative to the situation. My arguments will be supported
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Our national security is important for our safety, but when does it go too far? Generally, it is assumed that international bases are vital to our well-being. This assumption, however, is not entirely correct. For one, the argument for an empire of bases, in regards to national security, “is a hard argument to make” due to lack of evidence (Vine, 5). It has been found that the excessive establishment of international bases does have the potential to make us less secure, harming “everyone from U.S. military personnel and their families to locals living near the bases to those of us whose taxes pay for the way our government garrisons the globe” (Vine, 2). Along with national security, there are significant political, economic, and humanistic disadvantages to an “empire of bases” that can result in devastating …show more content…
One, the U.S. could pull back its current security commitments from NATO, Japan, and South Korea. The bases established in these areas “were never intended to be permanent”, but are still operating to this day (Layne, 144). Some of these bases are no longer needed and, therefore, should be demolished to save money, troops, and resources. Two, the United States could lower its number of bases and only keep those that are seen as “essential”. Domestic bases, for instance, could be considered essential. In fact, it has been shown that the military

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