The Similarities And Differences Of Realism And Liberalism

Realism and Liberalism are theories in international politics that have different levels of analysis. Nevertheless, many key differences and similarities go hand in hand when talked about the Post World War II.
Realism is a theory essentially about power and security. Many political actors and states view the world as a dangerous place and only the strong will survive. The international community is characterized as an anarchy- no world government ruling. Nation states seek for power and security because this ideology of “self-help” exists; in a world where you cannot trust anyone and where your friends today can be your enemy tomorrow states do not want to be interdependent. Since many states want to be independent and be viewed as a strong
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Many liberals do view the world as a dangerous place, however, violence, and wars are conflicts that can be avoided. Problems that have alternative solutions should be taken into consideration before the option of going into war is viewed as the only choice. Political liberals emphasize broader ties between national interests, and aim to decrease the usefulness of military power. Liberals also think that the only time we should accept a war is if it puts ones’ individual rights and equal opportunity in danger. International cooperation and peaceful international behaviors has its benefits. Organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a reflection of liberal hope. NATO is a huge project that keeps expanding because the United States gathers weaker states to protect and defend them, in such creating alliances. Another example is the Warsaw Pact which was the first “treaty of peace” in 1955 where many westward European countries and the Soviet Union desired to establish a friendship and mutual assistance amongst each other. Power is better acquired through economic and political integration within the framework of international …show more content…
Realists do not believe that the states should achieve in perpetual peace and harmony in the world. Actors needed to be faced with the fact that the world is a diverse place and one must accept and live by it. Power to them is the centerpiece of a political life ensuring one’s safety in an environment with no central government protecting them from others. On the other hand, liberalists argue that realism is an outdated justification where the increase of globalization, the rise of communication technology and international trade are resources that cannot be relied on militaristic power. It is the international system that offers a collaboration within the political actors and states. Not only are they important, but social and religious movements, organizations and businesses play their part as well.
The similarity between the theories of realism and liberalism is that they both know that the world is a dangerous place that has no central government. Several bigger states can take advantage of the weaker states by overruling them, having this in mind military power as an acceptable and understandable (even though liberals are against it) option. States need their military to defend themselves and the states need alliances to protect themselves from any larger

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