Realism And Liberalism: The Nation-State's Role In International Politics

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Out of the numerous actors that play apart in international politics, I find that the most critical and vital is the state. It is the primary vehicle for diplomacy, stability, defense and cooperation in a world of anarchy with no other actor existing above it. The nation-state has existed since 1648 after the Peace of Westphalia. The two international theory paradigms I will be using to prove my point is Realism and Liberalism, both in how they conflict with one another, but as well, the common points both paradigms share that the state has an important role to play as a central player in international relations

Despite a growing belief that the state as the singularly most important actor in world politics is fading, its “continued presence
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In an anarchical world with, the state must protect its own national security over the interests of other nations. States have many options to protect themselves nationally through their own domestic spy agencies, militaries and protective trade practices as well as internationally by singing treaties to be a part of defensive treaties and military alliances such as NATO, information collection like ECHELON and trade organisations like the WTO and APEC . The Realism and Liberalism view both combine together as both believe that the world is anarchical and that while Realism seeks to protect national interest, on occasion it cooperates, such as the liberalism paradigm, with …show more content…
There are multiple ways for nations big and small to remain powerful and influential, Kuwait and Qatar are very tiny nations but their resources make them incredibly rich and important states due to the effect their resources can have on the global economy, meanwhile the United States has significant power due to its military and foreign policy. How states use their power is the primary disagreement between the Realist and Liberalism paradigms, with Realists believing that continuing power struggles is the best form of order, while Liberalism believes that mutual cooperation between nations is what makes states better off. Realists are more likely to use the threat of force to stop nations from threatening the security of the state, while Liberals would be more encouraged to use economic and diplomatic sanctions, however the tables have been reversed on some occasions, especially when the question of stability comes into question for Realists. During the Cold War, nuclear deterrence and the MAD theory was a form of military power used by the East and West that kept both in balance and kept them competitive to create better forms of rockets to flex their power, hence the space race and nuclear arms race. The way states use their power reflects how important and influential the role of the state as an actor is and displays that they are the most important of all the

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