The Importance Of My Writing

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Before I start taking classes at Texas A&M University- Commerce, my writing level was at a high school level. Basically, I was taught the fundamental basic of writing and the writing process (analyzing the prompt, brainstorming, rough draft- revising and editing, and final draft) using a five-paragraph format (having an introduction, three point body paragraphs, and a conclusion). I use this process throughout of high school, and up till now in college. When I got to my senior year (12th grade), not only the writing I did was similar to college writing, but the class itself has the feeling of a college class. My 12th grade English class teacher introduces the class to Purdue OWL. It is a website that contains writing resources and instructional …show more content…
One of the steps I took to improved my writing at TAMUC was getting advices from my teachers and other students. I would ask them to read my essay in class or outside of class, and have them write of my essay to correct my mistakes: spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. This strategy is called peer-reading. Peer-reading is a great way to have an extra fresh eye to review your paper in addition to fixing any mistakes that I have accidently made (especially grammar, which is my weakness when in any writing forms). Another steps I have taken to improve my writing is participating in the college english lessons provide by my professors. The lessons that is given by the teachers are explain thoroughly and in depth which make my notes more efficient. Taking notes in class help me writes faster and memorizes the lessons, so I could applied them in my essays or any writing the college english teachers explain mla format and the uses of citations strictly to avoid plagiarism (which is a bad thing to do and could get a student expelled from the university). The teachers also showed the class other useful websites besides Purdue Owl to use in our essay, along with real-life experience from not only the United States of America, but also the world itself, and giving useful tips/advices to make our essay better. TAMUC has the writing

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