Reflective Essay: Why I Need To Write Better

I started to become increasingly worried about my writing and reading skills after high school. I realized that my writing was needed to be changed, but somehow I did not know where to start or how to do it. I was one of those typical teenage girls that wants to hang out and have fun. I was spoiled and still is and when it came to my education, my mother would always be on my case about it. My mother use to check my work the first year in high school and I sometimes do the work, but not completely or do the work but wrong, so my mother would make me redo it. At high school every time I get my work back from the teachers, they tell me the same thing all the time “you need to write better”. But they never told me how and I never bothered asking …show more content…
I write as she speaks and it 's hard for me to put my thoughts together so I just free writes. I would write as I speak and find it ridiculous and I do not know how to do it, I became lazy in my work because I felt that it was too much. I always felt ashamed on my writing because I always though that people would make fun of me and I though I was the only girl that do not know how to write well. My mother would constantly tell me to read more books and I just ignored her all four years in high school. So now I regret not listening to my mother because once college starts I feel like I’m going to fail all my writing assignments. My mother would give me the lecture about college and work and I did not take it serious enough. In the end of my junior year I failed a couple of classes that had made me repeat the grade, however the high school that I was in does not have the NYS regents’ exams. This goes back to me being lazy on my writing, I failed 3 courses because I wanted to fall back on my work. I transferred high schools and started going to tutoring for my writing and vocabulary. Since then, I realized that college was around the corner and regret every moment I had to fix myself up but did

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