Personal Essay: My Writing Process

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Everyone has his or her own writing process. I believe that my writing process is ambitious because even though I struggle sometimes trying to get started, I don’t panic because I know that I will figure it out eventually. My writing process is like hitting a brick wall but once I get started I find my writing interesting. From the readings, I learned to write everything down in my first draft and not be ashamed of what I write. As you walk into my bedroom, the first thing that you see is my warm pink walls. The pink walls keep you calm and comfortable. Also you will see my flat screen television that is mounted on the wall and next to the television you see a poster like picture of my boyfriend playing high school football. To the right sits my huge vanity/dresser where I’ve spent countless hours doing my hair and make-up. On top of the vanity lays my perfumes, make-up bags, and pictures that surround my mirror. Next to the vanity is an end table, where my phone charger stays and my cross lies …show more content…
If you keep this in mind while your writing, it will become easier for you since you know the reader’s image of the subject.
 From reading the three articles I learned to write everything down in my first draft as Lamott would say “ Shitty First Drafts” and not be ashamed if it’s the most awful piece in the world because then you will be able to go back and revise and edit your paper before its due. I also learned how to analyze my knowledge, attitude, and needs of my paper so that I can go into more detail so that the reader understands the main purpose of the

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