Personal Narrative: My Journey To Literacy

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My literacy journey started at the tender age of three. It was implanted into my brain from as long as I could remember that I would not become another statistic on the rough west side streets of Chicago. I would not become a teen mom. I would not become a dropout. I would not become another black child lost in the system or the streets. I grew up in a house where education was key. Literacy started off great for me, I loved everything about it, but that love quickly diminished when thing started to get complicated.With my mother always reading books, my grandmother constantly playing music and my older cousin love of teaching me what the new things he learned at school literacy was consistently a part of my life. Looking back on my 17 year …show more content…
I first fell in love with music in the third grade when I was allowed the opportunity to join the choir. Growing up music was always my favorite class. I felt as if music was the only thing the could truly describe how I was feeling at any given moment of the day. My earbuds and Ipods were my best friend. People could always tell how I was feeling when they asked what song I was listening to. They were also normally surprised because my music would range in so many different genera and from the late sixties to the present day. I love music because whether or not a song has words you can always interpret and every can get there own message from a song. I love to read the lyrics and decipher different thing especially words that I don't know no matter if it is a real word of a slang word. Music is the one thing to me that is universal and will always be there when i need it.
Looking back on my 17 year journey through literacy it was formed through my grandmother's teaching, my mother’s belief in education and my love for music. I realize that thoes are the things that helped shape me into the person that I am today. Without the things that were instilled into me from the age of three who know where i would have been.I could have became a teen mom. I could have become a dropout. I could have become another black child lost in the system or the streets.I have became become another statistic on the

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