Biographical Essay: All Tutus Should Be Pink

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“Jessica, would you please just sit still for a few minutes?” is something I heard often as a child. I was always on the move, whether I was running, dancing, or twirling around the house. My older brother, however, was the complete opposite; he never was too active. Brandon like to relax, read a book, and just hang out. No, he loved to read books. Most of the pictures from our childhood consist of Brandon sitting next to me, reading way, and me looking bored or trying to escape. Some people might say Brandon was an easier child than me. My parents tried to read many different types of books to calm me down and get ready for bed, but I never wanted to hear them. That is until one day they read me the title of a new book they had bought for me called All Tutus Should Be Pink. That book was a turning point for me. I, for as long as I can remember, have always loved dance, so reading a book about dancers was exciting for me. Consequently, I actually sat down and listened to the story. I even enjoyed the story. My parents realized the trick: make it dance related. They soon got me another book called I Wear My Tutu Everywhere. This book, similar to the first, is about a little girl’s love of dance and a tutu. These two books were fascinating to me; I could listen to them time and time …show more content…
Brandon, in my case, would be considered a negative sponsor. He never meant to make me not want to read, but his overbearing desire to constantly shove books at me made me insane and not like being around books. My parents would be considered positive sponsors. They helped me to see that all books are not that bad and that I might even enjoy some of them. I learned that reading is not as dull or boring as it may seem. My parents greatly influenced my literacy because had it not been for their constant effort to get me to read, who knows where I would be

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