I Pursue My Motivation For Studying The Medical Field

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I think I had always known what I really wanted to study but was quick to dismiss it in favor of a more “respected” major. I heard the horror stories of not being able to find a job after graduating or how the social sciences would be a waste of time and money according to some sources. So, I went through two years of horrible hell, I sat through more science and math classes than I should have. Finally, the summer before commencing my junior year, I had taken a math class over the summer. It was then that I decided that not only was I dreading taking all these math and science classes, I was not enjoying my college experience to say the very least. College is supposed to be a time of self-realization, independence and to some extent fun, right? …show more content…
I knew that whatever I wanted to do, I wanted to contribute to my community or help those in need. I was driven by the need to help others, that was my motivation for considering the medical field, and I knew that it would be the most important factor in deciding my new path. I went through the academic catalog and went through the list of majors. Nothing really made sense until I came across International Relations. “Ah-ha!” there it was. I knew that my search had ended and all that was left to do was declare it. Up to this date, that was probably one of the most frightening aspects of my whole academic career. Nothing had really been set in stone, up until now it was still all floating up in the air. It could become reality or not, I could remain as a biology major or I could start fresh. The walk to the admissions and records office was probably one of the longest walks I have ever taken in my short life. You know those moments when you are about to make a huge life-altering decision and after you make it, with content you take a huge breath of relief because deep down you know it is the right one. Well, this was most definitely not one of those times. There was no relief, only anxiety. “What if I made the wrong

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