Continuing Education Essay

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While there are many career choices in the United States, becoming an M.D. is one of the most challenging professions. However, to receive a doctorate one must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, proceed to medical school, and specialize there. This prestige 's degree is substantially rewarding, although there is always a negative to such great success. The struggle to balance work life and home life exists for many families, but especially for practitioners in the medical field because of a demanding home life, an excessive work schedule, and the extensive requirements to obtain and maintain a doctorate in medicine.
A demanding home life is one of the most significant struggles for doctors due to the loss of substantial family time. Clearly
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For example, as required by the Physician Assistant Board regulations for a physician assistant, the lowest requirement for continuing education is "Completion of 50 hours of approved Category 1 (preapproved) medical education. The CME must have been obtained from providers that are designed Category 1..." Due to the excessive hours put into required continuing education, medical providers are negatively affected because once again, continuing education robs precious family …show more content…
Doctors work extensive hours, but it is crucial to understand that the sole purpose of being a provider is to diagnose, treat, and potentially cure each patent. Most medical providers understand that the patients should always be first, and they enter the career field knowing this. Each and every job have positives and negatives, and physicians know their job can be very time consuming, but they still choose this career path. As Bernard Roth the author of The Achievement Habit Start Wishing Start Doing and Take Command of Your Life, brings to light the powerful yet simple statement “Reasons Are B. S” (37). In this case a doctor would give “B.S” reasons as to why they couldn’t properly examine, diagnose, and treat the patient simply because they did not have enough time due to family. These are problems many doctors must consider when choosing this career

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